The Importance of Business English


The Importance of business English

The Importance of Business English

Having a firm handle on the English language is crucial for business professionals in our global economy today.  It’s more important than ever for managers and executives to not only have a foundation of the English language, but to also understand the subtleties of how to communicate in the most effective way possible.  

There are international professionals who can speak English well, but when they come to the U.S. on a business trip, they have a difficult time understanding their co-workers’ accent or jargon.  They attend important meetings and speak English as they would in their native language.  However, they experience less success than they had originally hoped for since they lack the language and cultural skills needed to connect with their colleagues effectively.    An example of this would be the use of the word “no.” Some foreigners are accustomed to using this word more directly in their native language, and can therefore be too blunt when they say “no” in English.  Americans like to hear the word “no” in a softer way, and could be offended if a colleague says “no” to them in such a direct manner.   There are many uncomfortable situations like these that can be avoided with simply a better understanding of the subtleties of the English language.  


A Business English Course for You

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In May of 2017, Wetzel Languages will be offering an IMMERSE week for international professionals who are wanting to take their English to the next level. The course will take place from June 19 – 13 and students will receive over 35 hours of business English training from teachers who have up to 15 years of ESL experience and who truly understand the importance of business English.

IMMERSE classes will concentrate on business English development but classes will also be customized for each individual student.  Prior to the start of the course, a linguistic expert will conduct a thorough diagnostic assessment in order to gain insight into each student’s strengths and weaknesses in the English language.  Then, tailored classes will be created to help students improve in the areas where they are struggling the most.  For example, if a student is having issues with the past tense, small talk and the conditionals, teachers would dedicate class time to help that student improve in those areas.  

The May IMMERSE week will also offer the students an opportunity to have fun and learn more about the American culture.  Students will participate in a culinary tour, attend a baseball game, and have dinner at an American’s home.  These activities will not only help students to gain more insight into the American way of life, but will also allow students time to practice their English skills in a more natural setting.


Find out more about IMMERSE

The importance of business English for international professionals in the U.S. is undeniable, and those who master this skill will be more successful in their careers.  If you are interested in taking your English to the next level, check out our website and contact us at [email protected].