IMMERSE – An English Immersion Program

IMMERSE is a fully customized, 1-2 week business English immersion program that gives international professionals one-on-one training and real life practice in business and cultural settings in Greenville, South Carolina.

Our clients’ English needs are assessed prior to their arrival in Greenville and a specialized teaching plan is created to improve their overall English level.  We want to ensure that students’ English lessons are not just general classes that could be given to anybody, but rather well-thought-out classes that help students to maximize their learning potential.

Once students are in Greenville for the IMMERSE program, our primary goal is for them to improve their English while simultaneously immersing themselves into American culture. Classes can take place at outdoor cafes in beautiful downtown Greenville, our centrally located office, or even at the scenic Falls Park.  We then pair these classes with business or cultural application activities, such as business lunches,  classic American barbecues, baseball games, culinary tours, and more. Our philosophy centers on students practicing English skills learned throughout the week in hands-on experiences that provide insight into American culture.  

For more information about our English immersion program, contact us at [email protected]