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What Clients Say



“The teachers fit perfectly with the lessons they gave. I loved the learning atmosphere created by the teachers. I’d do it again without any changes.” — Executive from Germany


“It was the best English program I ever had.” Expat from Germany


“Thank you very much to all your team for the excellent work. It was really an opportunity to me to improve my English, and I am already benefiting at the business meeting where I am now. I will repeat the program in the future.” —  CEO from Spain


“I loved how customized everything was. The program exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it.” — Engineering Executive from Brazil


“Congratulations on this course! We learned a lot, in a very pleasant way. It was very well organized and very interesting for us. Don’t change anything!”Human Resources Manager from France


“The best things about this course were immersion, diversity, and 100% accommodation of needs. All of my teachers were great. And very nice location—Greenville!”Quality Manager from the Czech Republic


“Great lessons, great teachers, great time!” Accountant from Germany


“The instructors were flexible; we had the opportunity to go ‘off-topics’ but we achieved the learning goals. It feels like a real discussion/interaction and not like an English course.” Engineering Manager from France


“Listening to American people and the work on pronunciation was very important to help us to communicate with our American colleagues.”Product Manager from France


“In January 2017, I had private classes with Wetzel for two weeks. The lessons were customized to my wishes and needs.  I spent a lot of time with different teachers in the area and learned not only the language, but also about the background of the people, culture and way of life in South Carolina. It was a great time – Learn, experience, discover.” — Traveler from Germany